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Tips for Sharing a Closet with Your Significant Other

Ahhhh the one part you may not be looking forward to when moving in with your significant other, sharing a closet. Most modern master closets are roomy now of days with plenty of shelving room for additional storage, but not always. Whether you're about to be sharing one closet for two people, or you feel you've outgrown it on your own, we have some tips for you to maximize that closet space.

Tips to maximize your space:


You may hate to hear it, but this is number one for a reason. The most effective way to control your closet space is to get its contents under control. Get rid of the clothes that no longer fit or that you never wear. Be realistic with yourself.

One great tip to help you realize what you do and don't wear is the 365 Day Hanger Flip. For a whole year, whenever you wear something, hang it back with the hanger facing the opposite way. If you wear it again, put it back this same way. At the end of the year, all the shirts you did wear will be facing one way, and all the shirts you didn't will be facing the other way. If you haven't worn that shirt in a whole year, you probably don't need it.

2. Designate Boundaries

Once you both have gotten rid of the things you no longer wear or need, set boundaries within the closet so each of you have a designated spot. This could be 50/50, 60/40, etc. Maybe one person gets 2 racks and 3 shelves, and the other gets 3 racks and two shelves. Consider what can be folded, and what must hang. Figure out a system that works for the two of you.

3. Don't Forget the Floor Space

So simple, yet it happens too often. Utilize that floor space! Floor space can be used for a shoe rack, cute baskets or containers, additional shelving, storage, etc.

4. Top Shelf

Same rule as previously mentioned, but at the top of your closet.

5. Use the Door

Another area that is commonly forgotten! The back of the door can be used for a jewelry organizer, shoe organizer, or hat/scarf hooks.

6. Install a Mirror

Although this won't actually create more room, it will give the illusion of a bigger closet and make the area more inviting. Hang a mirror, or a couple, in the back or along the sides of the closet walls.

7. Shop Sparingly

Once you have the closet set up to both of your liking, shop sparingly going forward. Try to maintain the same amount in your closet so it doesn't become too crowded. This doesn't mean you can't buy a new top. You can, but as your new collection builds be comfortable getting rid of old pieces as well.

Don't have a closet to share yet? Van der Lande & Associates can help you with that! If you are looking to make a move with your significant other, call us today so we can help you find your dream home (and dream closet)!

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