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Heather's New Mom Must-Haves

Updated: Jun 30

Are you or someone you know expecting?

Enjoy this list of our lead agent, Heather Van der Lande Cummings', favorite baby essentials and fun gadgets designed for moms.

On Sunday, June 27th, 2021 Van der Lande & Associates attended Swaddle + Swoon at the Factory in Chamblee to meet expecting parents and local baby business from all over the Atlanta area. The event served as a show for vendors to display what they offer new parents and a chance for guests to explore their booths, ask questions and prepare for their new baby's needs.

Heather, our team's lead agent, recently gave birth to her baby boy, Ethan Campbell, in November of 2020. She is a first time mother and knows how overwhelming getting ready for and raising a baby can be! We put together a list featuring some of Heather's favorite baby essentials and fun gadgets that may be helpful for expecting moms and dads. Enjoy!

1. The Baby Brezza

Whether you are planning on feeding with formula or natural milk, life sometimes doesn't go as planned. Heather actually planned on breast feeding, but ended up feeding Ethan with a combination of breast milk and formula.

The Baby Brezza serves almost as the Keurig of baby formula! It makes prepping for feeding time a breeze. Heather loves her's so much, we gave one away the 2021 Swaddle + Swoon event.

Check out our Swaddle + Swoon Giveaway winner, Elena Balkcom! She is from Milledgville, GA, and expecting her baby boy in November! We are so excited for her and her little bundle of joy to come.


2. Boon Bottle Drying Grass

There are many different variations of this bottle drying grass available with a range of prices, but the concept remains the same. This product serves as a cute and functional drying rack for all of your bottles, caps, and adaptors to hang after being washed between uses. Sets have trees, flowers and other tall garden elements to balance your wet bottles on.


3. Dream Swivel Glider

Although this Pottery Barn Kids option is pricey at $1,099, it has all the elements Heather recommends looking for in your nursery rocker. It is important to note when shopping for a rocker, that you will be spending a lot of time in this chair. Countless feedings, book readings, middle of the night comfort rocking, and more. Don't cheap out on your chair. You want it to be large, comfortable, able to recline and even swivel. We also recommend avoiding white, for obvious messy baby situations.


4. One-Step Baby Bottle Sterilizer Dryer

All any mom wants is to keep her baby happy and healthy. This One-Step Baby Bottle Sterilizer is a must-have for keeping all your feeding equipment clean and safe for your little one.

Heather calls this "the easy button" for cleaning all your bottle parts and keeping feeding time on track.


We hope you found a new product to help make your motherhood experience easier. If you have any questions, or know of another cool product that you would like to share with us, please do! We enjoy hearing from you all.

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