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Santa? I know him!

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

With COVID-19 still present in December 2020, Families were worried about how they would get those magical Christmas pictures with Santa this year. So Van der Lande & Associates decided to host a Socially Distanced Pictures with Santa Event!

We booked private 15 minute time slots for each family to have time with Santa. We were overwhelmed by the number of responses and interest we received in the event. We had nearly 20 families attend, each with the cutest little kids eager to see Mr. Claus.

We saw cute holiday dresses, sleek button ups, and festive onesie pj’s all walk through the door ready for their shot with the big man in the suit. A barista greeted families once they finished their shoot, and kids were delighted to accept a warm and rich hot cocoa with none other than whip cream on top.

Our lead Buyers Agent, Riley Barnett, offered each family a Cookies for Santa take home kit for the kids. She kneeled next to each child and told them about their secret mission to decorate all the cookies. She explained they can eat some, but they must save 2 cookies, one for Mr. Claus and one for Mrs. Claus.

The event was truly magical, and that’s all thanks to our amazing clients and their children for keeping the Christmas spirit alive.

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Van der Lande & Associates

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