• Autumn Darracq

Four Spring 2021 Patio Design Tips

Updated: Mar 26

Outdoor living and entertaining are an important part of spring; people enjoy spending time outside, surrounded by fresh air, sunshine, and the sounds and smells of their environment. That's why we have put together trending design tips so that your outdoor space is stylish and inviting.

Natural Materials:

Plastic and metal outdoor furniture has been popular for years, but natural materials are predominantly on the rise serving as a more environmentally friendly option. Try natural materials, like organic cotton, wool, wood, and wicker. These materials tend to require less toxic chemicals to produce.


Regardless of the amount of time or money you spend perfecting your set-up, if it's not functional it's not enjoyable. Nobody wants to enjoy their morning cup of coffee in an uncomfortable or wobbly chair. You and your guests should enjoy your outdoor space with ease and comfort. Most outdoor furniture is built hard or stiff to endure the outside weather, but adding touches such as soft outdoor cushions to the space can make it far more enjoyable.

Warm Colors:

Warm and earthy tones are taking over last years icy grey, white and black. Although these colors are calming, designers are shifting towards more inviting colors like: brown, taupe, golden yellow, dusty red and olive green.

Bring it to Life:

This is not just a 2021 trend, but a timeless necessity for any outdoor space- add plants. Plant living flowers, cacti, succulents, vines and more around your outdoor space depending on your surrounding climate and green-thumb skill level. Although gardens are breath taking, they are hard work. You don't have to plant a whole garden. Start small. Add a flower vase to your outdoor table with some stunning spring tulips. Start a vine going up your privacy wall if you're on an urban patio. Add flower pots in the corners of your space or hanging flower pots on your railings. Plants add a vibrant pop of color to any space.



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